🥞 Founders Weekly - Episode 1

Welcome to Founder’s Weekly, our note to the determined, growth-minded people in Stockholm & beyond.

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🥞 Founders Weekly - Episode 1
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Welcome to Founder’s Weekly, our note to the determined, growth-minded people in Stockholm & beyond.

Here at SFC, we believe that society is full of places for satisfying animal desires. But we are missing a community that satisfies the truly human desires: to be curious, creative & effective. By cultivating a culture of mindful awareness, regular accountability & social support, we encourage our members to evolve from individual contributors to creative leaders and entrepreneurial creators

We empower leaders to become effective entrepreneurs by helping them build healthy habits.

Effective entrepreneurs are high performers who remain mindful, creative, curious, and inclusive. They lead themselves first by taking care of their mind and body so that they have the energy to self-start and not settle.

In Foudner’s Weekly, we highlight the work of great founders and keep you up to date on events where you can meet other ambitious people in our ecosystem.

Event news

“When you take people [with a founder’s mindset] and put them together with other ambitious people, they bloom like dying plants given water.” – Paul Graham

This Wednesday, SFC is hosting our first community founders-only after work in collaboration with SUP. If you’re a founder, reach out to Vincent Weir or Hamed Mohammadpour on LinkedIn for more details.

Founder of the week

Founder of the week goes to SFC member, Johan Hirvi, who won Creative Cup Sweden earlier this week on behalf of his company, SongSay. Songsay is launching as a Telegram plugin that lets users communicate with short music video clips. Hirvi describes the product as “a child between GIFY and a TikTok video.” The company is backed by Antler and has over 30 employees, mostly in Brazil, where the company is launching soon. Congratulations to Johan and the team for winning this year’s Creative Cup, hosted by VNTRS, Invest Stockholm, Synch Law, and Hooked Seafood.

Have a great week and see you soon in one of our meetups!

Enjoy your day!
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